Day four

The dreaded Monday!

Monday’s have always been awful for most people, and waking up this morning after the clock change at the weekend was hard!

However I made sure I got there early so I could go and buy a pastry and set myself up for the day. Food is my motivation.

Today was spent cross referencing the website with the printed programme and making sure everything is all up to date. It was a long task, I finished at around 4, and we were burnt out by then so spent the last hour planning the opening launch.

I found it easy to keep motivated throughout the day which surprised me. We met Chris for the first time & had the first part of the afternoon with David. The rest of the time it was just us, and this gave us a sense of responsibility & a chance to plan things and put in the extra effort with our placement.

Today I also learnt that post-it notes are my go to, all glowing, favourite form of note taking! Little prompts so I don’t forget things.

Looking forward to the week!!


Day three.

Today was a mix of two tasks.

This morning was spent being creative. We were discussing marketing – my favourite thing!! Brain storming ideas, and creating a small plan. We spent all morning discussing and getting excited about ideas and plans. Which was amazing!!

But by the afternoon I felt drained. I’d put so much energy into the morning that I had nothing left almost – learning curve.

For the afternoon we had the dreaded task of putting the 150 events on the website, and making sure they all had photos as well as their information being the same as that in the print. Whilst doing this task, we realised that not all of the photos were labelled correctly or located in one folder. So we spent an hour creating the ‘ultimate fucking folder’ – dave’s wording – of all the photos for each event. This means on Monday we can crack on and spend all day uploading to the website and to Facebook.

At the end of the day we made a plan for next week with carol, and I will be so excited when Monday is finished and we can crack on with the exciting bits!

Day two.

Today we met with Lucy, Rosie and the new social media worker, Rachel.

We spent the morning researching other fringe festivals and how they market their festival via Facebook.

We brainstormed some ideas and created a to-do list, see the pictures page. One of Marie’s ideas was to try engage with celebs coming to Bournemouth and seeing if they will endorse the festival.

Before lunch we started pinning up sheets on the wall, starting to make the place our own.

In the afternoon we spend time creating an event page on Facebook, for each event in the festival. A task which was split between me and Marie which will take a couple days.

Whilst we did this, Kala added the events to sites such as what’s on dorset, and Wessex fm.

Day One.

Never have I ever enjoyed a first day in a new place as much as today.

From the get go, everyone was friendly and welcoming, and made sure we felt part of the team rather than just student interns.

We’ve each been given a mug and a desk space, although we’ve decided to share desks and just see where we end up. Go with the flow and all that.

After a cup of tea, and sitting out in the sunshine, we started. We ran through the intern pack that BEAF had provided with Carol, including our roles, responsibilities, health and safety, risk assessments, duties, contacts and our first weeks rota.

We were then left to settle in, and get ourselves comfortable with the print programme, and start to learn the 150 plus events happening over the ten-day festival…eeek!

After lunch and a little walk around Boscome, we met with Daisy for some reflection and to work out a learning agreement. This was a really useful section of the day, it helped us to reflect upon the course so far, what we had done, learnt, found difficult and want to learn. We then split up the roles given in the job description and figured out what would be a team job, and what would be an individual role.

I chose to create copies and PR material such as mailchimp’s; to create passes for press; and to help create packs for press and volunteers for event days, holding all the information they needed. A lot of the tasks were team oriented, however we had the idea to talk together as a team to share ideas, and then allowing one person to carry out the task.

Finally, we created a partnership agreement, to focus upon how we wanted our working agreement to be. All of these activities were done in colour, on large sheets of paper, and had a relaxed environment around them, allowing us to visualise our journey here, and get excited about it.

For the last couple hours of the day, we worked with Rob, who briefed us about the launch party of BEAF on the 27th February 2018. We’ve been given creative control with this projects, to create the biggest, brightest, loudest party possible at 60 million. This is where I got excited, as this is my favourite part of events.  We started to split up roles, I would be the creative visionary, Marie would do the gantt chart, and Kala would liaise with artist. These roles are more than likely going to be chopped and changed as well as more added.

Initially, I am excited about all the opportunities that BEAF are going to provide for me, and feel confident in the team already there, plus us as interns, I think this placement will be a creative learning process and I cannot wait to get my teeth into it!